Monday, December 14, 2009

Kieren Joy

Fun Kieren story. We have a woman who is helping us watch Kieren now, her name is Jacoba Simon, and she is the aunt of our good friend Bernadette. She is an incredible Christian woman, and basically takes over the entire house when she is here and keeps us together. We need it and are so thankful.

So Jacoba told us a hilarious Kieren story yesterday. She said that last week while she was watching Kieren, she was doing some things around the house and Kieren was crawling around and 'exploring' in the kitchen. She loves to open one particular low cabinet and get out all the food we keep in there. Jacoba was in another room for a few moments and returned to the kitchen to find Kieren sitting on the floor enjoying her found treasure. Seems Kieren found a bag of potato chips, opened the clipped bag, and was chowing down on the chips. Jacoba's first thought was she WISHED we had been there to see it! It was so funny she just left her there for a few minutes to enjoy her find. Too funny!

Kieren gets funnier every day - I am SERIOUS that our girl has quite the personality on her. Watch out world...


Kieren with Jacoba, who we already lovingly call 'Granny'

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Suzanne K. said...

ooopppsss!! I think she might have learned that trick at our house. She wasn't lucky enough to find chips though, just some granola and her :)