Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Farewell for now

Wanting to wish good luck, and send our blessing and prayers to our friends Jeremy and Sarah Hurst. They came out two months ago to South Africa to work and live in a township community called Mitchell's Plain to partner with a local pastor and run a community center called the FROG center. Their story is captured on their blog:
We became friends with them here as Jeremy's parents live in Raleigh and saw our article in the paper and connected us. They have had a long and complicated journey here in South Africa and had hoped to stay for a couple years, but left to go back home on Tuesday. We feel blessed to have shared time with them during a difficult season of theirs and took many lessons for our future endeavors. Our thoughts and prayers and with them especially as they return home and try to figure out what life now holds ahead.

Love you guys!

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