Monday, November 2, 2009

Video of our House

I put together a little video of our house for the Youth Ministry at Grace.
Thought you would enjoy. It should help you envision it so much more.


tom said...

Thanks for posting the video of your "crib",(the rest of the house is cool too.) It looks like you have everything you need,(except ESPN). I will have to make a trip over to see you. I am praying for you today *:30 am EDT. Much love to you all, TT

Suzanne said...

Just looked at your blog for the 1st time. So great to catch up. I am SOO thinking of and praying for you guys... One day at a time Sarah. It will all fall into place.
My thoughts and prayers, love you,
Suzanne Belnap

Jenny Sherouse Photography said...

Thanks for the video update! The house looks great. I'm glad to know there's a 2nd bedroom for when we want to come and visit...we'll be working on those plans in coming years for sure. We love you both!