Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ocean View Life Happenings

Hello people,

I'm here at the internet cafe connecting with email and people, just trying to stay dry and warm here in South Africa! It's supposed to be summer here but it's COLD (well, 50 degrees almost at 60) and very windy and rainy which makes it feel awful outside! I am going to overdose on hot tea because I crave it all the time in this weather! Despite the weather we are having a good week, finding ourselves busy each day with many things as we settle and venture out further into ministry. Casey met with another school principal in our area this week, and continues to try to being forming relationships with schools in order to start Ubuntu programs there. So far he has been very welcomed and well-received. I have been meeting with some support group leaders and met with my 'boss' Avril for Living Hope on Monday and will soon clarify my roles more fully with them. This morning I went to the Ocean View Methodist church and led a Bible study there - it is open for all but is attended by about 10-15 of the older generation at the church. It was a wonderful time of study, discussion, and just getting to know these new friends. And as is almost required in South Africa, it was followed with hot tea, cookies, and more conversation. Things are so much slower here in pace and it's really enjoyable! I am thankful to get to know the church here more and more and they are so welcoming and open to me!

Well, I will be off to work through some other tasks of the day. Hope you week is also moving along beautifully! Enjoy the changing and falling leaves for us - we miss them (but not raking them up...).


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