Monday, November 16, 2009

Here We Go

Good morning friends and family,

I am writing this Monday morning and just trying to get some things done today! We are learning about the pace of life here in Africa, and it seems that weekends don't include any time for tasks and getting things done. Pretty much most of the weekend people are coming by the house, calling, and hanging out. It was also BEAUTIFUL weather (finally) and so everyone wanted to be outside and enjoy it. Some of the highlights of the weekend were: enjoying watching the kids play soccer in our yard on Saturday, dinner with American and African friends on Saturday night, hitting up the crazy 'market' near the beach on Sunday, a birthday 'braii' (or BBQ) for Andy celebrating him turning 19 years old on Sunday night. Many things in between, but it was certainly a great time. We are really blessed to have so many wonderful people already in our life here, and it's just a joy to share it. Kieren is the icing on top (and I really love icing!) and just makes every time with friends an extra joy as we watch and enjoy her. This week we hope to catch up on some loose end details, and both move forward with some more details of our ministries. Casey hopes to get into schools and meet up with principals and teachers he can partner with. I want to clarify more my role with Living Hope and then hopefully spend some time getting to hear more about the groups and leaders I will be supporting.

Hope you all had lovely weekends as well; lots of love to you!

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