Friday, November 13, 2009

Going to the Chapel...

Tonight our friend Shagmie came over after work.

He’s a Life Skills Educator for Living Hope. We grew close with him when we were here before and we quickly and easily reconnected since we’ve been back.

Shagmie is getting married in February to a young lady named Lauren whom we really adore. Her family invited us in to their home when we were here before and that one evening convinced us that we should live in Oceanview. So, as a couple, they are very special to us.

Well, Shagmie came over to ask me to be the Best Man in his wedding!! I’m so totally humbled! He said amazing things about me being a man that will hold him accountable to the things he is promising and that they really look up to Sarah and I for our marriage.

I’m so excited about this day. It’s a wedding on the beach in Fish Hoek, I get to wear white linen (!), and we’ll get to party with our colored friends. But mostly, we’re just so excited to have connected with people here in this significant way. To be invited into someone’s life for such a significant occasion is just amazing. We were just hoping to get invited and now I get to stand up there next to Shagmie.

Thanks be to God for connecting brothers across cultures, nations, and distance.


Jim said...


I just read your blog, as I do every morning, and was reminded again of how proud I am to have you as a son. You are such a good man to all who come in contact with you and are so free in giving of yourself in an honest and open way, without regard to your own needs and God blesses you because of it. I was reading Romans this morning and when I read verse 2.1 I was forced to go back and re-read verses 1.18-19. The amazing thing about you is that you never suppress the truth that God has revealed since creation and it is what draws people to you in powerful ways. Most of society suppresses the truth by focusing on themselves and you have always focused on God.

Thanks for being the man of God you are and for allowing me into your life! I am blessed because of it.

I love you!


Blair said...

Casey - your blog entry just totally blew me way. It's so incredible to watch God work in and through you. W0W!!! This is one of the many examples of how God is using your gift of relational ministry!!! Sooooooooooo stinkin proud of you!!! Love to you, S and K!!!