Thursday, October 8, 2009

Movin Time

Hello friends and family,

Well it's Friday morning here and we are gearing up for a big day. The week has been really good. I think we are finally over our jet-lag and are on this new time zone. Kieren was great adjusting, it took us longer. And you just feel dizzy and 'drugged' for a while, but not the good kind of drugged... We have seen many friends and already met some new ones. What a HUGE blessing - God has already reminded us of some of the GREAT people we get to share life with here. And, of course, they LOVE meeting Kieren who is being the cutie we are so proud to show off. We have been staying at the home of our friends Evan and Kerryn Torrance (who are actually in the States visiting their parents) as we transition into our home, and that has been wonderful because their home feels so nice and familiar to us. Today, however, we think we are going to move into our home in the Oceanview township. We will be meeting the pastor I am working with, Kyle Woodrow, at some point today, and either moving into our house or at least seeing the inside of it. This is definitely Africa, people, so every single plan we make here is changed or slowed down in some way. I just got off the phone with Kyle and it looks like we now might not be able to get the truck to move our furniture into the house today, but you never know! He did say that the church came together and has done a ton of work on the house and even wants to buy us a brand new stove. It's so humbling because they haven't even met us yet! There are many feelings as we think about this new move and we wonder how the community there is going to accept us, since we will probably be the only white people living there. This is something we have given over to prayer countless times, and even this week as we pray about it we KNOW it is what we want to do and feel led by God to do. So here we go! We would love your prayers and PROMISE to get picture and video updates of our new 'diggs very soon!

Love you all!

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