Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Milestones....

Hey there!

Life in the Prince home continues to stay interesting. There have been a couple more milestones for us lately! Last weekend (after I battled through a horrible cold/flu) Kieren got her first cold! Boo! She was so congested and feverish; it was SO sad! For two days she was really miserable and could barely sleep. I think it even hurt her throat to burp (seriously, she fought it so hard!!). It was pretty hard for her, but it was a tough few days for me because there was little we could do for her. Pretty exhausting! BUT, she has turned the corner and is feeling better, even though she is still a bit sick. She is a trooper! Also, I had my first 'accident' with Kieren when I accidentally hit her head on a counter as I was standing up from the kitchen floor. It left a mark on her head and she went CRAZY crying! It was awful!! We are all happy again now, but it's been tiring. Seriously, why didn't someone tell me how HARD this all was going to be?? I'm just kidding obviously, but I am learning this week that parenthood is messy, BUT if you hold on, the hard moments pass and become the fun and beautiful moments again. I am learning patience and to embrace all the good when it is in the present. Kieren, in the midst of this all, is learning to talk and use her voice more and more and is really beginning to grasp rings and toys. It's so fun! She is sitting up well and enjoying life! Today we went to a toy store called Tookie's Toys that had a woman named Cookie singing to a group of moms and babies and Kieren loved it! She loves music and even loves when I sing to her. Too cute!

Life is full and we are just hanging on as it changes every moment. We are so blessed!


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