Monday, May 18, 2009

Kieren Update - Four Months!

Hey everyone!

Wow, SO much has been going on these days, sorry there haven't been too many updates! Kieren is growing so much and I feel like there are new things happening every day with her. She had her four-month pediatrician appointment today and it went great. Bad news was another round of shots which made her VERY mad, but she handled it well afterwards even with a fever! She is healthy, growing well, and hitting all of the expected milestones. I was so proud as the nurse was asking me all the questions, 'can she hold a toy?' or 'does she hold her hands?' Yes! Woo hoo! She is 15 pounds, 15 ounces which puts here in the 90% for her weight. Still a chunker, but growing at a normal rate. Her length and head size are also large-and-in-charge - she needs room for her huge brain! We got the ok to start feeding her rice cereal - food here we come! She tried it tonight and definitely wasn't feeling it at first, but then ate it all (it was just a tiny bit). I think she is going to like this new world of food - she is adventurous already! It was super cute and fun to see food all over her face.

Kieren is getting more and more alert, holding her head and neck up so well, and focusing so much on ALL the people around her. She is 'talking' and making sounds all the time - she is going to have so much to say. A highlight of the past week was Kieren's first swim in a pool at our friends the Latta's. She sat in a baby float in her little polka-dot halter bathing suit and LOVED it! The family took pics and we will post them soon - it was ADORABLE.

Life is beautiful and we continue to soak it up! Love you all!

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Anonymous said...

this is when it gets REALLY fun!! love the updates (and love you guys)!