Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life in Mom World

Hello all!

Mid-week here at the Prince casa and it's definitely been an interesting one so far. It's another milestone for me - my first time being sick as a mom! Evidently you still have to be a mom when you get sick and you lose the privilege of moping around and feeling sorry for yourself. No time for that! I have had a bad cold since the weekend, and besides my quick panics that I might have swine flu (not having the symptoms related to the pandemic have someone quieted my fears), it really doesn't make a difference because this is still Kieren's world and we are just living in it! The crazy thing is that she has been AWESOME all week - really great at taking her naps, in a fun and happy mood most of the time, and even making lots of fun new sounds. She is going to have a lot to say to us all! So I feel like God has been really gracious to me to give me a sweet daughter this week even though I feel rotten. We are still so blessed! Life continues to move at a hectic pace as we juggle so many balls in the air with family, work, friends, soccer, and preparing for Africa. The days fly by, but I feel like we are getting stuff done and enjoying the ride. What more can you ask for??

Another blessing of the week - the Kelly family. Dan, Suzanne, Katie, and Shannon Kelly are a family in our church who have been such a blessing to us this year, and each week Suzanne (mom) watches Kieren for me while I work or get some computer time at Panera. Her daughters Katie and Shannon love on Kieren too - and it's so wonderful! This little girl has so much love - and we do too.

Lots of love,

Kieren with Shannon and Katie

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