Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Thought I would write today about some things that I am thankful for in our beautiful life...

1. Kieren's smile! She has started smiling more and more and really responding to voices and faces! Ahh!
2. Taking long walks
3. The warm weather this week - hallelujah!
4. Time with my Casey and my family - it is so rich and full of joy
5. We are still getting people bringing us meals! Yum!
6. God speaking to Casey and I and challenging us in our faith about trusting him as we prepare to go to South Africa
7. Kieren's new baby jeans. Nothing is cuter than a baby in jeans. Seriously.
8. Hanging out more and more at our church, Grace, and helping with different stuff. It's so fun to be in the mix again.
9. Each day of life. Our world is changing every minute and it is beautiful.

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