Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kieren at 7 Weeks!

Hello everyone!

Thought I would spend some time to share an update on Kieren and life in the Prince home this week. Life seems like it's going by so quickly - I can't believe Kieren is this old already! She is doing so well, sleeping better and better each night. She just wakes up once in the middle of the night to feed and then goes back to sleep - Casey and I are still working as a team on night duty and it's been working great! During the day she is more awake and alert which is very fun. She is making great eye-contact and smiling more and more. And she is getting SO BIG - many of her newborn clothes aren't fitting anymore! I call her the 'hulk' in some of them because she is about to bust out! It's been incredible to share this fun time with our family and friends, and we continue to receive SO MUCH support and love. People have been bringing us the most incredible food - what a blessing! I'm sure I COULD get myself together to cook at this point, but it would definitely be limited to different varieties of Hamburger Helper :) We are blessed. We also have some awesome mom's that come and help watch Kieren - such a huge help! Seriously, this girl is so loved, and we feel absolutely blessed as a family at those who are sharing in this time. We are so thankful.

There are things happening that don't have to directly do with Kieren (although we can always find a way to make it about her...). I have jumped back into helping out at Grace Community (our church), by preaching a couple weeks ago and now helping with a weekly worship planning meeting. I hope to continue to help in ministry at Grace and am really thankful for the opportunities to be creative and partner with my friends. We are also starting on our preparations for our move to South Africa - starting with putting together a support team that will help us with all the logistics and support as we prepare and serve in South Africa. We are SO excited to truly be starting this process and things are beginning to move. I can't believe that in 6 months our lives will be changing forever as we take this journey across the world! It's exciting stuff, but it can also be very overwhelming on this end of it all, so all your prayers are appreciated!

Thanks for checking in with us - and thanks for all the love!

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