Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who Does That?

So a lot has happened in these first days. Everyday Kieren does something new. Unfortunately sometimes her Dad does some new stuff. Now I pride myself on being pretty good at this daddy stuff. Changing diapers, getting her to sleep, whatever that needs to be done. I might even call myself Mr. Mom, but sometimes things don't go as you expect.
On Sunday Sarah and I had a quick post-church nap. We woke up and I started to change her diaper so that Sarah could feed her. As I began that process and got her diaper off, Kieren decided to pee on the changing table. I started to freak and wanted to avoid getting her clothes wet. Well, that didn't happen, so we had to put a new pajama set on her. Sarah grabbed that for me, cleaned up the dirty diaper, and I started cleaning up the table and putting on her new outfit.
Kieren then ate, was held by her grandma for a while, and then I held her while she slept. A while into my time with her I realized that she was wet and that her "diaper was leaking." It was coming through her pajamas, through the swaddling blanket, and was now on my clothes and dripping onto my shoes. I started freaking again, running back to her room to the changing table. As I ran I yelled for Sarah to help me. When I got there and unzipped her pj's I was dismayed and shocked to find out SHE DIDN'T HAVE A DIAPER ON!!
What? How could that happen? I asked Sarah with an accusing tone. "Did you not put a diaper on her? Did your Mom change her and forget the diaper?" The truth was that in the frantic moments of the previous diaper change I had somehow forgot to put a new diaper on my precious baby girl. Now, I was paying the price!! Not only did she pee through her clothes and on me, but then she pooped on the table!
I mean, really, who forgets to put a diaper on their child?!?!? I was so flabbergasted and confused. Surely, it couldn't have been me!! :) After she was cleaned up, new diaper and clean clothes on, we were sitting together in her rocking chair. I was continuing to try and figure out what could have happened. Kieren then gave up a loud squeal. I asked her then, "Is it the blame shifting that's bothering you?"
So, I confess, Mr. Mom forgot to put a diaper on his daughter, but she repaid me. I'm sure it won't be the last totally ridiculous thing I do concerning my daughter, but it was the first!



Anonymous said...

dude. sleep deprivation WILL make you dumb. sorry you're learning that first hand. the other night i invited some friends over and then completely forgot about it. there's a reason people tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps.

Jim said...

Who ruined Christmas?

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Seriously?? That's baaaaad! hehe....It's ok, though. You're new at this! =0)


Amy said...


Jenny Sherouse Photography said...

This is hysterical! Thanks for sharing the experience. I'm guessing a diaper will not be forgotten from here on out:)

Hello from Casey and Sarah! said...

Jenny, I can't promise anything. :)