Friday, November 7, 2008

Kieren at 30 Weeks!

Holy cow - I have reached 30 weeks of this pregnancy!! How time flies... not! Some moments it feels like I have been pregnant forever and others it feels like it's flown by. For the most part, I am really at peace with this stage, still feeling pretty good (if by good you mean all the normal and gross pregnancy symptoms everyone has), moving around a lot, and having fun dreaming about Kieren! Mom and baby are healthy so we are thankful!

Kieren Joy is 30 weeks this week, the size of a head of cabbage (seriously, what's with the veggie references?? Like us preggos really dream of vegetables!!). She is about 3-4 pounds this week, and moving all the time (I can even SEE her rolling around when I look at my stomach!).

Good times at the Prince's!


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