Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Daraja Kenyan Children's Choir

Recently we got a call from our friend Pat McInnes letting us know that an African children's choir was going to be in the area and in need of host homes. Pat knows that we buckle whenever we hear the words Africa and kids. So, on Monday night we had 4 girls staying in our home: Mercy (pronounced Marcy), Carol, Gladys, and their chaperone Amanda (she's a recently graduated American college student). After picking them up from a local church we had dinner with several other host home groups at the McInnes'. Then, we came home, gave them a tour, got settled, and then watched Napleon Dynamite with them! They laughed very hard. Much of the humor was lost on them, but they were having a great time anyway.
The kids are from the Daraja Children's Choir, which is part of an organization called 410 Bridge. (www.410bridge.org) The ironic thing was that I had recently been hearing about 410 Bridge through the Catalyst organization.
It was such a joy to have these girls in our home. It was such a short amount of time, about 12 hours, but we were blessed by the opportunity. They will meet so many people throughout their tours in America, and we hope that we were part of a large picture they are getting of how the family of God should look.

Video about the Daraja Children's Choir

Sarah with the girls

Watching the movie 'Napoleon Dynamite' - they thought it was HILARIOUS!

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