Monday, October 20, 2008

Mexico Memories 2008

Good evening!

So just wanted to share some pictures and wonderful memories from my dental mission trip with Grace Community Church this year. This was my fourth year to go on this mission trip, and I have been privileged to be the spiritual leader on this trip in my journey with these incredible people. We travel to Reynosa, Mexico (right across the Texas line) to help this struggling border community. Truly, these people have become family and it was wonderful once again to go home! As you can expect, the Mexicans were ALL OVER my pregnant belly, and it was such a joy to share the coming birth of our baby girl with them (although you think YOU have trouble saying 'Kieren,' they are hopeless...). We served these people all week with our dental team with dental cleanings, fillings, and extractions. Above all we just tried to love and encourage the people, always serving them 'en el nombre de Jesus Christo' or in the name of Jesus Christ. The team truly bonded together as a family, and God did a great work in each of our hearts individually and as a team. And I felt great all week! Turns out Kieren loves Mexico - she was moving more then EVER! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers while I was gone, and I hope to stay more on this side of the Rio Grand for the rest of the pregnancy!

Enjoy some pictures below!


Sarah Taylor, our friend and translator Roman, and myself

Steve Hamrick (dentist), Cookie Castro (dentist), Pastor Alfredo from a near-by colonia, and Fred Crisp (dentist)

The dental hygenists cleaning teeth

Dentists hard at work

A mid-week break for dinner and fun

Kate Hamrick with one of the many 'ninas' that loved her!

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