Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are you okay??!??


Thought I would update a bit on how I'm feeling lately, since that is the MAIN question I am getting these days with the obvious baby belly leading me around. I am feeling GOOD! The only strange things I am feeling are being really tired and back-aches, both of which are totally normal. I am also starting to feel Kieren move and kick more and more, which is so FUN! The other night Casey woke her up talking to her and then she kicked back for a while. They like to play already :)

I think one thing that is really helping me to feel strong during the pregnancy is working out. I work out 5-6 days a week, nothing as intense as I use to, but just gym machines and weights. My favorite night of the week is my kick-boxing class on Wednesdays - still there and loving it! It's hard but it's honestly when I feel the best emotionally and physically. It is funny sometimes, because people at the gym are now noticing I don't have a new beer gut, but a baby cooking, so if I pause, breathe heavy, or sigh, I always get an "ARE YOU OKAY?" It's nice but funny. Don't worry everyone, I will be careful with my workouts!

Thanks for everyone's support as Kieren grows and grows. We are enjoying this fun phase of the pregnancy where I have energy and we can just enjoy dreaming about our little girl. God is good!

Lots of love,

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