Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hello friends and family,

The official weekend is here now and I thought I would fill in some gaps of how we have been filling our time here in South Africa. We have not accepted jobs as official book reviewers here, but what else can you do to pass the time without tv?? What did people do?!? We have really enjoyed this space in our lives to read and learn so we are soaking it up and hope you will read some of our pics as well!

Things have been slowing down with our ministries this week and we are just trying to finish up a few projects. Casey is working on the curriculum for the teen clubs for Living Hope. He has created a ‘skeleton’ of what the themes will be weekly and is now working on filling them in with more details. He will share more of that next week, but it has been great for him to be a part of developing some structure and depth to a much needed part of the ministry in the townships. These teens have so many things attempting to influence them and what a great opportunity to share the fulfillment and life we can have in Christ!

I have been continuing some relationships and counseling with different people I have worked with here in South Africa. My friend Malcolm that I mentioned weeks ago who is a patient in the health clinic (check blog on Friday, April 11) got back from his time of rehab and is stronger and more focused. I look forward to spending more time with him this coming week and encourage his further rehabilitation. Another patient in the clinic, Zolilie (check blog on Tuesday, March 4th) has finished six months of tuberculosis treatment which is a great celebration, but unfortunately he is still sick with various illnesses and it’s possible that the TB is still in his system. I think he is a bit discouraged and will spend more time with him this coming week, as well.

Other than that we are enjoying the people here as much as we can. I guess Casey and I are what you might call ‘social people,’ eh? We have made great friends in all social and economic contexts here and loved each group of people we can befriend. On Thursday night we went to the 21st birthday party of one of the Life Skill Educators, Vernille, which is evidently a BIG deal in the colored (Indian and lighter black) community here. There were a ton of people (we were 2 of six white people – yes!) and phenomenal food. We chatted and laughed and even danced a bit (okay, so Casey and I were the only ones dancing). Then, last night we got to see Evan and Kerryn Torrance because they are back from Raleigh! We celebrated Kerryn’s birthday with pizza and pudding (what they call all desserts, this time it was cake and ice cream). We are intensely blessed here to have met so many incredible people to share this time with. Seriously, it’s a blast.

This weekend we look forward to resting a bit, catching up on some details, and getting ourselves ready for our last full week in Africa. Can’t even begin to process what it means to leave this time and come home, but we are both looking forward to lots of hugs, sweet tea and queso. J This coming week we will be very intentional about writing on the blog all that is happening and sharing how God has been moving, teaching, and changing us – so stay tuned!

Love you all,

Casey and Vernille, the birthday boy (or man)

Eric and Natalie, two life-skill educators

Sarah and Roger, life-skill educator

Vernille and LSE's having a great time

Casey, post-prank done by John Thomas, founder of Living Hope Community Center. His wife Avril, and our boss, is also pictured and we are in the middle of a prank WAR with them. They may have won the battle, but we will always win the war...

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