Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Tears Begin...

Hey eveyone,

We will post a bit more tomorrow, just wanted to ask for your prayers as we finish our time here. We have only one full day left - ahh!! Today we said goodbye to my support group and the kids at Red Hill, two groups of people that God gave us to love and we are going to miss them! Tears have been shed and it's really beginning to hit us heavy. Tomorrow we are running around saying last goodbyes to more people and getting packed up. Someone teased us today that we are stretching this goodbye thing out pretty long.... guilty as charged. But only 24 hours left and then the plane is waiting!

Love you all!


Jon said...

sad to hear you are about to head back. i've enjoyed reading about your adventure since we left. i'm so thankful we got to meet. i can tell the Lord has done some amazing things in your lives down there.

Madrap said...

No tears from me! I'm a cold emotionless person. Too many Americans leaving in my life! Por me! Otherwise that would be a river of tears after all these years! HA! Hugs though! Lots of hugs!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

We miss you guys like crazy, though! I'm sure this is all bittersweet!