Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stormers Rock

So, I'm beginning to really like Rugby! It's such a manly game. Much more than Football!! And to be honest, more than soccer, as well. These guys are just beasts and amazing athletes! I went to my 4th straight home game this Saturday. They won, AGAIN, and are now in 4th place. They have two games left and need to win those to make the playoffs. Check them out at: www.iamastormer.com.
This time I went with Clinton, the Team Leader of the Life Skills Educators in Muizenberg/Capricorn. He's an awesome guy who is really excited about his relationship with Jesus. I think we've cultivated a great friendship. He's in his 30s and most of the people on his team are in their early 20s, so I think our times of conversation are significant for him since we are a little more on the same level. Our times together definitely challenge me since we are often chatting about the impression that Americans give the world and other significant topics. He asks great questions and really challenges me.
My relationship with Clinton is just one of the many great relationships that have developed. Those relationships have certainly been a significant part of our time here. Much more than the work we did or the things we produced. The relationships have been the most important and will be the things I take back to Raleigh with me.


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