Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here are some pictures of our last full day in Cape Town, Tuesday. The week was VERY full with seeing friends, finishing up ministry and projects, and saying many goodbyes. We know we are SO blessed to have made such great friends in Cape Town and are so thankful for all the people we were able to minister with and to.

These are pictures of Sarah's last support group meeting in Oceanview. The group had a goodbye party for Sarah and Casey complete with prayers, gifts, and many well-wishes. It was a beautiful day!

Sarah and Angelique

Casey and Donovan

Sarah and Glenthia, with the pillow she made us - so sweet!

Casey with Alleta's daughter, Jodie. They were, of course, fast friends

Here are some pics from our last day in Red Hill, the township where Casey most worked with the kids and teens. They had a surprise good-bye party for us with songs, prayers, and a feast! It was so special!

Last dinner with great friends, Mike and Meg Massingham and Mike Jenkins

Our friends at home created all these cards of encouragement and prayers and we opened them throughout the trip. Each one was posted on our closet! We love you all - thanks for all your support!!

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Madrap said...

Hey! We didn't get a pic of the Ultimate Flatmates! ARGH!

Sitting in my flat, Sunday night, house is lonely without you guys! Miss you lots already! Enjoy being home though and catching up.

Much love,