Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book Review- “Adventures in Missing the Point” by Brian McClaren and Tony Campolo

So, we want to start sharing some book reviews with you guys on the blog. The first reason is because we want to share some of the amazing things we are reading with all of you with the hope that you will enjoy them also. But, it’s also a shameful way for me to show people that I’m finally reading books and sort of enjoying it. With no TV, what else was I going to do with my time? I might have to try this at home some, too.
So, here’s the first review.
“Adventures in Missing the Point” by Brian McClaren and Tony Campolo. The is a very interesting book by two very interesting guys. They tackle different issues in 3 different areas that Christians and the Church are missing the point on. The neat thing is that one guy will write each chapter and then the other will comment on what they have written at the end. Sometimes they agree, sometimes disagree, and sometimes add more stuff. But that keeps it interesting. They have some fresh things to say about each subject and really push you consider the ways that you have ‘missed the point.’ On some of the issues I think their arguments could be stronger. I wasn’t really convinced to think differently be some of their arguments. Overall, the book caused me to think and consider how I’ve missed the point. Definitely a book I would recommend and I’ve already given it away to a friend here that has already finished it.
Overall grade: A-.


Wildcat Prep said...

This is Connor Pendergrass and Will Lassiter's teacher. Our Freshman Seminar Class here at Millbrook High School wants to help. What can we do to help? Can we send supplies? money? clothes? books? PLease let us know how we can help. Bless you for the service you are providing.

Shannon Stone

Sarah said...

I really miss you both. Thanks for keeping us updated on your site--it is great!

Love ya both,
Sarah Clark

Barbara said...

Hi Sarah,

I am praying for you and Casey!We saw a video of you guys at church a few weeks ago. Sarah, you were glowing...Casey, you were talking about the kids and snacks. You looked right at home!

Speaking of Brian McLaren; in the next few weeks, I will be reading his book "Everything Must Change" for my current class on spirituality and justice for the masters' program in spiritual formation and leadership.

Also, I have another book cowritten by Tony Campolo and Mary Darling, who is my instructor for my class on spirituality and justice at Spring Arbor University. It's called "The God of Intimacy and Action: Reconnecting Ancient Spiritual Practices, Evangelism, and Justice." Very interesting!

Finally, have you ever read Thomas Merton, "Faith and Violence"? A little deep for me, but wow....

Love to you, Barb Sibley

Alicia Collins said...

I have not read this book, but am a fan of Tony Compollo. I love to read things that make me think. Thanks for the review, and great knowing you are enjoying reading!!
love you, Mother