Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time With New Friends

We were blessed this past weekend to spend some time with some new friends that have a connection to Grace Community Church. Ron and Marilyn Torrance go to Grace and have become good friends, and happen to be from South Africa. Their son, Evan, still lives here and so we met up with him and his wife Keryn and son Cameron on Sunday. We had a great time together and even went to a concert in Stellenbosch - beautiful! Just wanted to share the Grace - South Africa connection. And thank God for new friends to share this experience with!

Casey and Sarah with Evan and Keryn Torrance

A view of the picnic area behind outdoor concert amphitheater

The amphitheater

So we went to the concert because Keryn was playing in it - aside from being plain cool, she is also an incredible violinist. The artist she played for was a guy named David Crommer, and he is very well known around here. The concert was in Afrikaans, the Dutch language that is spoken here by mostly whites, but it was wonderful! It was a bit folksy, somewhat like James Taylor meets Jimmy Buffett meets Paul Simon meets New Orleans Jazz. Got it? It was a fun night!

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