Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You want me to do what?

How's it? (more South African slang)
So, things have finally picked up around here.
On Tuesday, though, I got thrown to the wolves. I'm going to be teaching (or helping) in a local high school here. We teach "Life Skills/Orientation" but they don't usually do High schools (usually primary schools) so this is a trial. My first day the guy in charge, Stanton, hands me the key to my classroom and told me the class was 45 minutes. 45 minutes of what?? Eventually he told me I was supposed to talk about suicide. Wow! What a way to make an introduction. So I decided my best chance was to actually talk about that rather than trying to talk about myself for 45 minutes. It actually went pretty well I think. Obviously Jesus showed up on that occassion. Today I just watched and helped the regular teachers. One guy, Duncan, was teaching the suicide portion ( I guess he just wasn't around yesterday) and Stanton was teaching about relationships. It was more fun to be in there, observing, and just adding little points. Stanton was awesome at teaching about relationships. He really gives them a new vision for what their lives can be like. The program is awesome though b/c we have the opportunity to go in these schools and totally talk about Jesus, a lot. IT's a neat opportunity for Living Hope.
Yesterday afternoon I watched one Kids Club, but it was led by a visiting team, so it wasn't normal and today Sarah and I visited a different kids club. It was incredible!! They meet in this old trailer sort of thing. Basically the trailer part of an 18-wheeler. They did worship for about a half hour which meant that they sang songs they already knew like crazy!! Dancing, banging beats on the walls, etc. They loved it! Afterwards the little kids went outside and played and some YWAM folks led a Bible study for the older kids. At the end they get a small meal of soup and bread. It was so great to see how much the kids love the leaders here! And they love getting their friends to come to Kids Club.
The other main thing I'll be doing, besides teaching, is visiting all the "Young Executives" and "Young Girls" Clubs. These are basically Kids Club for older students. This program just started so I'm basically going to visit each club and then help write a program/curriculum/plan for them. I'm pretty excited about that since it's something that will stay around long after we are gone. Keep praying for that. It's going to take a long time to learn the culture and know how to create something that fits. I know God can use me though if I just submit to Him.
We can feel your prayers, please keep them coming! We're starting to meet more locals and they say they are going to take me to play touch-Rugby and footy (indoor soccer). I'm pumped about that.


David said...

Wow! That is so AWESOME Casey. What an experience. I am so glad to be able to share in it just by reading it. I can hear you talking to me about it just as if we were sitting across from a table eating lunch at our favorite restaurant. I cannot wait to hear more.

Chris said...

As I read your blog, my eyes began to well up with tears. I don't even know what emotion I am feeling but I am excited and jealous of how God is going to use you both over the next three months and the impact you will leave for a lifetime for those left behind. I think and pray for you often!

Tre Jones said...

Hi casey! I love you. I am excited about your ministry and we are interested to see how it will go over the next few weeks. We will be praying as you are getting aquanted with the culture. Hope you dont get embarassed playing rugby. Thanks for my birthday gifts. - Love, Lauren and Tre